My blog!

What do I start writing with?

That’s what I have been pondering over the last four years. I decided that I have to start writing (“blogging”) about five years ago, and then spent almost a year searching for a good name for my blog. I had these requirements for the name:

  • It should have some relation to my posts
  • It shouldn’t limit what I am supposed to write in my blog
  • It should sound funky!

Finally, I decided to stick with my own name, just like what my favorite blogger Scott Hanselman has done.

Then came the real questions: What do I start with? What do I write about?

I pretty much knew the answer, too: I will write about software, coding, algorithms, programming. I knew this because I was that one geek-coder friend everyone has. I am a Microsoft Student Partner. I have won many coding challenges. I myself have organized and coordinated several coding challenges. I take seminars on hottest topics in the software industry, like HTML5, ES6, ASP.NET 5, C++ 14, …, and talk about them to everyone. I install and use and test all those preview versions of software: Windows 10, Visual Studio 2015 Preview, Office 2016 Technical Preview, Firefox Nightly, Chrome Canary, …. In my college, I was the President of the Association of Computer Science Students. I helped master’s students with their coding assignments and their academic projects, even though I was only bachelor’s student. During weekends I would work with a startups at Startup Village. I have a Stack Overflow presence. In short, I have some reputation as a coder. Presently I work with, as a Software Development Engineer.

If I knew the answer well, then why didn’t I start writing? Some of the ‘excuses’ I had were:

  • Writing takes time, which I don’t have at all. I don’t even have enough time to finish reading my favorite blogs!
  • Everything I ever thought about writing, was already written! Oh Scott, why did you write about this this this this this this this this and this? I would have written about all those way better than you did!
  • I don’t have an amazing website where I can just write up something and post it, and some company will sponsor that post, like Scott’s –  combines my personal site and blog (with all the features you can think of)… Oh yeah, I don’t even have my own domain name. Scott, your website is really cool!

So have I now ‘overcome’ all these? Absolutely not. Except for the time factor, which I just have to find, I have workarounds:

  • I can write up my perspective to anything and everything
  • I can manage with a free WordPress blog, at least for now.

About time: I get 24 hours everyday, just like all my favorite bloggers (and all those great people) do. I just have to utilize it wisely.