Configure PowerShell autocomplete using PSReadLine

Improving the PowerShell editing experience can greatly improve your productivity. PSReadLine, in a line, is a PowerShell module that does just that - it provides improved syntax coloring, better multi-line editing, autocomplete, etc. INSTALL PowerShell ships with PSReadLine, but run the following command to install the latest version: Install-Module -Name PSReadLine -AllowClobber -Force CONFIGURE PSReadLine … Continue reading Configure PowerShell autocomplete using PSReadLine

Windows Sandbox: Run unknown apps confidently

Running unknown apps is risky: Not immediately obvious what a program does. Unintended side effects (change the file system, send emails, etc.) Resource intensive, slow startup, blocking I/O, ... But if you are like me, you frequently try downloading and running a lot of stuff you see on the internet. How do you run these … Continue reading Windows Sandbox: Run unknown apps confidently